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The Battenkill Upper Beat: Sheep Meadow

Approximately one half mile of fishing, with four named pools. There is considerable variation in the character of each pool, though all yield fine catches. The Sucker Pool consistently produces large fish, especially when the Yellow Drakes are on. Moving upriver, you will come to the famed Grocery Pool, yet another consistent producer of large fish. Considerable bank management has been undertaken in recent years to preserve this pristine water and to make all of the upper beat accessible.

The Battenkill Upper Beat: Sheep Meadow

The run leading into Bernsteins pool provides fine Brook Trout, due to the cold water seepage along the north bank. Three quarters of a mile and three pools downriver will bring you to the Lodge Pool, and our picturesque Gazebo, overlooking the Battenkill. This pool produces blizzard hatches of Hendricksons in season. It offers easy wading, as the bottom is gravel-strewn, and permits fishing from mid-river to both banks.
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