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October brings flights of migrating Woodcock through our coverts, offering exciting upland sport for wing shooters. Our woodlands are managed for Ruffed Grouse (Partridge) with gravel trails, clear cut areas, and plantings of wild berry shrubs. The excellent natural cover has been enhanced through selective timber management designed to benefit our wildlife. Our rolling terrain, old stone walls, Aspen, Hemlock and Sumac, provide a vivid backdrop for an enjoyable upland shooting day. Trout fishing can be combined with shooting at no extra charge.

September/October 2009 Magazine Review

stimie.gif (3588 bytes)Grouse

We are located in the lowlands of the Battenkill river valley in Washington County, New York.
Captain Bob Storc has been chasing grouse for over 40 years with 870 bagged to date. His love of this sport has brought him develop over 1000 acres of farms into prime grouse cover.
There is a continuous program of timber harvesting, edge development, clearcutting and aspen planting. Battenkill lodge has over 15 miles of trails and edge. With a generous supply of birds, there is a 5 month season through February. February provides good sport as the lengthening sunny days open up the south facing slopes. After December and January, grouse welcome this respite. It's a nice quiet time of year to be in the uplands. Most of the walking is level and easy. October also provides good flights of woodcock. Some of our April trout fishermen bring their dogs for training on evening migrating woodcock.
grouse grouse  


Drumming Logs Over 15 miles of trails and edge A limit Day
Over a dozen new - 5 to 10 acre clearcuts! - Drumming Logs.

Over 15 miles of trails and edge.

A limit day.



February Shooting, A good weekend!!! October Harvest

February Shooting
- A good Weekend!!!

October Harvest


Our Stter "Bullet" One of our grouse Management Areas  

One of our grouse Management Areas

Our Setter "Bullet"  



stimie.gif (3588 bytes)Deer  
Battenkill Lodge manages food plots and clear cuts to produce deer browse on 1000 + Acres. The forage base holds good numbers of bucks and does. Larger, travelling bucks that are in rut have a tendency to relocate to our woods (particulary late in season). During muzzle loader season either sex can be harvested. Presently, there are 8 blinds for comfort with see through drop windows. We can acommodate 3 groups with a total of 8 hunters. There is a choice of five of our farms to hunt. As we do not bow hunt, rifle hunters have the first opportunity to take deer. Our season starts around November 15th and lasts 3 1/2 weeks with 1 week of muzzle loader added. This takes us through the main and post rut period.


Captain Bob Sztorc

Captain Bob Sztorc

Capt Bob Storc 10pt Buck; 310 lbs ;175 1/2 Boone + CRockett

8 Pt Buck


Deer blind over Food Plot

Nite Camera

Deer blind over Food Plot



Nite Camera




Food Plot


stimie.gif (3588 bytes)Ducks  
Our Hoosic farm has 3 miles of double bank frontage on the hoosic river. Our main duck is the mallard (mostly due to corn farming in the Hoosick  Valley). Black Duck, Teal, Gadwall and an abundance of geese provide additional sport. We have 2 river blinds for decoy shooting. Some of our guests prefer jump shooting along the sloughs on the Battenkill.
In New York, we have a 10 day early season starting around October 10th. Our second main season is early November through December 31st. There is a shooting hut, with a wood burning stove and a gas grill for breakfast and lunch. Decoys are provided and guides are available if desired.


ducks ducks
River Blind  


stimie.gif (3588 bytes)Turkey  
The month of May is Turkey Time! We are fortunate to have good flocks of trophy birds in Washington county with very little hunting pressure.
Trout fishing is excellent on May afternoons and can be combined with hunting. Turkeys can also be harvested in October and early November.


Harry and a 24lb Gobbler  
Harry and a 24lb Gobbler  



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